The transformation towards sustainable mobility has become a strategic action of local governments, and Barcelona is no exception. The city has established itself internationally as a model of sustainable urbanism, faithful to a long urban tradition –which elevates public space as a fundamental substrate of the social fabric– and to the 2030 United Nations agenda. … Read more


Online social networks (OSN) constitute nowadays mainstream communication channels to interact, exchange opinions, and reach consensus. In recent years, it has increasingly become evident that competition significantly shapes the topology and the dynamics on these information-driven platforms: users thrive for visibility, while memes resemble entities that compete for users’ attention. This analogy has fostered many … Read more

Espacio Persona

The growing sensitivity of citizens and authorities to the dehumanization of cities is promoting innovative concepts and ideas that aim to increase the role of people in the urban environment, consequently reducing the area allocated to vehicles. The current situation favors a frequent interaction between vehicles and pedestrians. In this scenario, combined with the current … Read more