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Research Areas

Structure and Dynamics of Urban Complex Systems

Street and Sidewalk Networks, Multilayer Transportation Systems, Traffic Dynamics, Active Mobility, Planning, Microscopic Traffic Models, Sustainable Transportation Systems, City Growth, Retail Location Analysis and Interaction, Urban Platform Economy (Airbnb)

Social Science

Information Ecosystems, Online Social Networks, Community Emergence,  Limitations and Temporal Evolution, Networks Structural and Dynamical Descriptors, Multilayer Interactions, Self-organized Teams, Cultural/Artistic/Literary Networks

Foundations of
Complex Systems

Mesoscale, Emergent Architectures, Nestedness, Betweenness Analysis, Modularity, Hybrid Structural Arrangements, In-block Nestedness, Structure-Dynamics Co-evolution In Ecological Networks, Neutral and Niche Driven Dynamical Models, Multiobjective Network Formation (Structural Analysis)

Featured Publications

Highlighted Projects​


Deep Learning, Google Street View, Hazard Index, Mapillary, Pedestrian, Public Space, Traffic Safety, Urban Informatics


Population Dynamics, Structural Characterization of Time-evolving Information Ecosystems, User-meme Bipartite Networks

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